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Fighter Pilot Power Pack

Last post 05-16-2016, 7:23 AM by TimGilmore. 13 replies.
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  •  12-17-2007, 4:14 PM 4967

    Fighter Pilot Power Pack

    is this a scam or what?

    yes i do ask realizing that asking this question may result in unpleasant conversation
  •  01-12-2008, 11:39 AM 5078 in reply to 4967

    Re: Fighter Pilot Power Pack

    nevermind...i'll tell you guys instead when i get it :P
  •  01-22-2008, 1:56 AM 5120 in reply to 5078

    Re: Fighter Pilot Power Pack

    if you could let me know how this goes I would greatly appreciate it.  I'm looking at the package now, but am just a little learly of it.
  •  02-05-2008, 10:30 PM 5177 in reply to 4967

    Re: Fighter Pilot Power Pack

    Don't waste your $$$
  •  02-08-2008, 3:15 PM 5182 in reply to 5177

    Re: Fighter Pilot Power Pack

    Why do you say "Don't waste your $$$"? I'm looking at this package as well and, although it seems helpful, it reeks of a scam. Did you try it out? Is it a scam or what? Thanks—
  •  02-08-2008, 3:16 PM 5183 in reply to 5078

    Re: Fighter Pilot Power Pack

    Did you ever get it?
  •  02-09-2008, 11:50 AM 5191 in reply to 5183

    Re: Fighter Pilot Power Pack

    Oh, sorry. I guess I better set things staight before you all go thinking he's fake. (good thing I wandered back Big Smile)

    No, it's not a scam at all. Maj. Ed Rush is a Marine currently in the reserves who flies the F/A-18. He was active duty from what I know. He currently operates a public speaking business as a motivator and keynote speaker. This power pack is just part of his business.

    Anyway, the material is interesting. The audio CD's are the most valuable. It does contain some good info that would be otherwise difficult to find elsewhere (I DID find some pieces of info the Internet failed to produce Surprise). I found, however, that the majority of the information is more about motivation and building confidence before taking your next steps to become a pilot. For some, this is the thing they need to get going. For others, it may just be an extra add-on. In either case, I think I was satisfied.

    Anyway, if you have the money to spend, then I'd go for it. Motivation stuff like this is expensive anyways. (But when he's offering a deal, he's serious! I bought the book when it was on sale from last year, and now he has a new deal going on!)
  •  11-11-2009, 3:22 PM 8568 in reply to 4967

    Re: Fighter Pilot Power Pack

    Don't waster your money. I was in the navy for 6 years, during my time I worked on EA-6B jet aircraft. To be more specific i was attached to VAQ-136 in atsugi Japan part of Carrier air wing 5.

    90% of all military aviators, that inludes both pilots and non-pilot officers attend a military acadamey. i will explain.

    Every year each branch of the military has an alloted number of openings, for enlisted and officers. they are called billets.

    For officers it is much different than enlisted since their are less applicants and less jobs. Every year each branch looks at how many openings are open. they then take those openings to the relvant service acadamey. after that it works like this, there are roughly 1000 graduates from the navy acadamey per year for instance, lets say there are 3000 available officer positions this includes navy and marine corps.

    After graduation all the available jobs are posted on a large board and each graduate gets to pick the job they like. They pick in their graduation order therefore the validictorian gets to their pick of all the jobs. the next person in order has to pick from 2999 and so on. the guy who finished last gets their pick out of the remaining 2001 jobs.

    Now some of the jobs that the grads pick they will not qualify for like someone picks pilot but they are color blind. therefore if that pick was by number 200 then all the people who picked a job after them have the option to switch for that job or keep the job description the picked originally.

    Now for the remaining 2000 jobs. they go to all the people in ROTC programs, after that candidates are accepted into OCS programs for the remaining allotment of jobs.

    OCS candidates can go in year round because after the initial round of openings people do retire or leave the service which creates openings that need to be filled, however it is the tradition of everybranch to hold aircrew jobs for first choice to the academies.

    it is virtually impossible to get an aircrew job without attending an acadamey and if you want to be a pilot you better study your but off and finish in the top 25-30% of your class.

    in my command of 50 officers all the pilots were graduates of the naval acadamy and all but 10 were from the academy. 2 of the 10 were aircrew, all were prior enlisted. Of the 2 one went to Texas A&M after his service and was ROTC while there graduated high in his class and used connections he made while he was enlisted to get into and aircrew job.

    Now if you have connections you can get around this. for example John S. Mccain did very poorly at the naval academy however when both your father and grandfather are navy admirals then I am sure you get some strings pulled for you. Or if your dad is in public office like George Bush did for G. W. bush.

    Hope this helps
  •  11-19-2009, 9:40 AM 8593 in reply to 8568

    Re: Fighter Pilot Power Pack

    That may be how the Navy does it, but that is not how the Air Force works.

    Roughly 40% of pilot slots go to USAFA grads, each year.  Another  40-ish percent go to AFROTC grads.  The remainder are OTS slots. 

    Currently, USAFA gets about 500 pilot slots per year.  Since not every cadet can pass a class 1 flight physical, and some don't want to fly,  most cadets who want to fly can get a pilot slot.  (This might change with the shift toward UAVs, but we don't know when/how.)

  •  12-06-2009, 12:53 PM 8697 in reply to 4967

    Re: Fighter Pilot Power Pack

    I got the Power Pack, but I wasn't impressed. The information is good, but the price is outrageous and the advertisement is misleading. 1. The website might lead you to believe that you are getting a bunch of books, but you only get (including the bonuses)two books and some mp3 audio CDs, 2. There is also a dead line on the website that claims you can get the Power Pack for some low price, and some bonus books free until a curtain date. But if you go back to the website after the dead line, you will see that the dead line has been reset; so that part is just to make you jump in without thinking through it. Also, the 5 "free bonus" books you get are summed up in one very thin book, and this is included in the two books you get. 3. If you join the Afterburner Club, you might get two months free, then it will cost you $37 a month for a newsletter, access to the Afterburner club's monthly meet via the phone, and a mp3 recording of that meeting.

    Even though the information is pretty good, my advise to you is do not buy the Power Pack and do not join the Afterburner club. If you have a friend or a family member in the military or you know someone who does, you could probably get some really good advise and/or help from them concerning questions you might have about the military and even flying in the military.

    I hope that was helpful to you.

    God Bless
  •  11-13-2010, 10:22 AM 9788 in reply to 8697

    Re: Fighter Pilot Power Pack

    Bad gouge about all mil aviators coming from service academies. I was an NROTC guy, and I'd say at least half of the folks in my squadron (pilots that is) are from sources other than the academy. The only requirement is a commission. Yes, there are a few more pilot slots available to USNA or NROTC applicants than their OCS brethren, but there are also less OCS accessions overall, so that factors in. Bottom line, get into a commissioning program, do well in college, pass a flight physical and whatever battery test your service requires for pilot applicants, and then get accepted to flight school. Many do it every year from sources other than the academies, and there is no reason to think that you couldn't as well. Good luck!
  •  02-02-2011, 8:44 PM 10087 in reply to 8568

    Re: Fighter Pilot Power Pack

    @ Landof8:
    Wrong! You should seriously consider speaking solely for the Navy. I am a Student Naval Aviator (SNA) in the Marines, and I can state, with certainty, that 90 percent of my peers are not academy graduates. Nor do they pick an MOS out of the Naval Academy. Those that are not lawyers or SNAs are assigned an MOS while at the Basic School based on company standing and the quality spread.
    Now as far as this easily becoming a fighter pilot business, that is a load of $h!t. In the Marines, 71% of aviators fly helos, another 9% fly C-130s and the remaining 20% fly jets (roughly). That came from the CO of the training group. To get a jet slot:
    1. first and foremost the Marine Corps NEEDS a jet pilot (needs of the Corps trumps all)
    2. You have to have an NSS qualifying you to fly jets.
    Not completely sure how the NSS works, but it is a ranking/grading system that compares you to the 200 students before you on a scale from 20-80. I think you need at least a 50 to qualify for jets. Don't take that last bit for fact though.
  •  09-06-2011, 2:16 PM 10691 in reply to 4967

    Re: Fighter Pilot Power Pack

    I am new to the forum, but I saw this post and wanted to give my feedback.

    As someone who had very little base knowledge, I thought the Power Pack was really useful.

    Maj. Rush gives a great overview of all the branches and the physical requirements, and the different routes people take to fly in the military.

    Overall, it was a great source of information as far as getting it in one place. When I was searching the internet, I found that I was finding differing information, which turned out to be flat out wrong. I was really happy with the Power Pack, and would recommend it to others.
  •  05-16-2016, 7:23 AM 14497 in reply to 10691

    Re: Fighter Pilot Power Pack

    I will recommend this forum as well
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